bite your lip,

by Rachel Lynch in

Just a famous boy and a girl, they bonded over memories of what it was like to really have a soul. Opposite sides of the tracks, same suburbs. Strangers turned friends then friends turned lovers. And he scared her a little bit, never really did understand her fear of the intimate. But she scared him more, he'd been searching for so long and was afraid that he had finally found what he was looking for. She wasn't sure at first, but she's learned that when you play with fire, you might get burned. But somewhere between the cigarettes and late night TV, she found a reason to believe in what might be.

It's like blue-eyed thinker seeks shelter from the storm, clever blonde likes to stay awake to the break of dawn. Just a mother's son and a father's daughter, trying to build a paradise within a life of disorder. And it got deep, he was living for a couple of minutes when he could still taste her lips on his.

Ain't it funny how time flies? A few months can feel like a lifetime. So caught up in life, you don't even realize. Complacency's taken it's toll, now everyday they stand watching the flame grow cold. They never fight. Too afraid of what might get said. Instead, the silence. Screaming for help under her breath. Sharing a cold bed and some silent nights.

And then the day arrives, "I don't really know how to say this but," Smiles on surface, but on the inside his world turned black. Reasons running through his mind. And if he could, then he'd take it all back. He can't sleep. He stays awake with dreams of better days when he wrote her love letters. Business as usual. Her coping mechanism? That other still find her beautiful.

And as the seconds turn minutes, turn days, turn weeks, lovers revert to strangers. They don't even speak. The king of the blues, the queen of the streets. Now their kingdom lies in ruins, break-up songs on repeat.

Now he misses her touch, and the sound of her voice. Everyday he wakes up, wishing she made a different choice. Co-authors in the story of each chapter written, but you've got to wonder... is it really finished?